Tumour Surgery


Benign Tumour

Usually a slow growing lesion without adherence to adjacent structures, and without ulceration and rolled edges. These features are not necessarily an indication of a benign lesion, and a biopsy should always be performed.

Maligant lesions

Fast growing with centre ulceration and affecting adjacent structures.  Bleeding with rolled edges and the presence of fixed regional lymph nodes. in cases of palpable lymph nodes, the cancer has already reached an advanced stage.


Pre Maligant lesions
Present as a white lesion on the oral mucosa.
Resulting from chronic heavy smoking
Some chronic systemic diseases eg. Lichen Planus, Lupus etc.
It is recognized today that cigarette smoking is the main and sometimes only cause of mouth, throat and lung cancer. smoking of more than 10 cigarettes a day can cause cancer.


Treatment Plan

Visit your dentist every 6 months.Any suspicious lesion must be evaluated and if in doubt, a biopsy will be performed.